Art trade with Lulu chan!!


I’ve been feeling kind of sparkly recently!! Sparkly but tired, and a little pinch of emo too! Yup.

Anyway, I and Lulu Chan decided to do an art trade!! You better check her blog out HERE if you are looking for a sweet corner with cute posts!! She drew me the cutest little bunny boy ;; u ;;) Press the heart to see her post!! ->> 

She asked me to draw a neko girl, so this is what came to my mind:

She’s sleeping on a fluffy dream cloud!!! Aaah I wish I was her…. Zzzz…. Zzzz.  zz…. z….. GAAH!!! I’M AWAKE!! O A O)///

It was a while since I played around with my markers so this was really fun!!

Thank you Lulu for suggesting this!!♥♥♥

See y’all around!

Bai baii∼



88 thoughts on “Art trade with Lulu chan!!

      1. Oh, ok! I like to get to know people with this ‘game’ thingy. I ask you a question, you answer and ask another one to me! If any of us refuses to answer, then whoever asked the question wins. I know it’s childish but I can’t bring myself to meet new people in any other way (; 😉

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      2. Uff, hard one. Probably cats since they are more relaxed? I mean, they wouldn’t be urging for me to be with them every single minute, wouldn’t they? My turn: do you have any pets? If you do, wich kind of animal are they?

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      3. That’s a tough one! People tell me I’d be childlish if I actually believed in those, but they are more attractive than the real world itself so… I guess I’d say yes! What was/is your favourite subject in scool?

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      4. Yup!! THAT very Sasha cx
        Atm my favourite anime is Gakkou Gurashi and manga is Alice i Murderland!
        Aaah I’m really sorry but I have to go now…. But I enjoyed talking to you so I hope we can do it again!! cx

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      1. AAAAAHHAHDHKSBABA YOU FLIPPIN RAINBOW TURD YOU ARE SO SWEET!! Like…like…. First Artemisa…. Now you…. Like… WHAA?! Where did you all nice peeps come from all of a sudden?!?? I’m gonna make the same thing for you!! * ^ *)//

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      1. I actually made a request to miss Lulu too which is a bit like your drawing because it’s similar to what was on mind.
        I’m thinking something along the lines of ‘a girl with her head in the clouds’. Or a girl in the clouds (sitting or meditating 😂 it depends on your interpretation) it could mean a daydreamer or someone lost in her own thoughts.

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